Desktop Maintenance and Support – Premium

R149.00 / month


  • What’s included?
    Remote Support – We will assist with troubleshooting, software installation and support, printer and email support remotely, meaning we can help while you’re on the move.
  • Monthly reporting
    o Hardware Audit – A report showing all PCs on your network as well as their associated specifications, brand name and warranty information (where applicable).
    o Software Audit – A report indicating all software installed on PCs within your network (software type, version and license key)
    o Executive summary – A report designed for the non-IT executive or account holder indicating the overall network health status based on the aggregate of various relevant criteria.
    o Ticket report – This report indicates the number of logged tickets as well as times to respond and resolve.
  • Antivirus Protection – No need for annual anti-virus subscription renewals, Kaspersky anti-virus licensing is included at no additional cost.
  • Patch Management – Ensure that all machines on your network are automatically kept up to date with the latest updates from the software packages installed on them.
  • Automated machine optimisation
  • Ransomware protection – Automatic installation of security updates helps to protect your information from malicious attacks such as ransomware. *Xpand IT recommend a multi layered threat protection approach.



What is Lite.IT?
Lite IT is an online support tool that makes use of remote support and instant messaging as primary tools allowing us to solve your IT issues fast and cost effectively.
How does it Work?

  • Utilising the fastest and most efficient remote support platform alongside instant messaging functionality our technicians are able to communicate and connect with you via an installed agent to troubleshoot and resolve your IT problems.
  • Upon successful purchase of the service the agent is installed on each device for which you require support. This agent will then enable you to log tickets that require troubleshooting. Once received, our technicians will make contact with you utilising the built-in instant messaging tool. They are then able to connect remotely to your device and resolve your ticket.
  • Installation of the agent takes two minutes.
  • There is no limit to the number of tickets logged.


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